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How to prepare your property for sale

How to prepare your property for sale

Property experts say the WA property market is about to recover. After the draught of the last couple of years many vendors are now desperate to sell for a good price. The Real Estate market is buzzing in summer. Lots of buyers are screening the market after the holidays and want to close the deal before the End of the Financial Year. Home staging, a kitchen makeover, a kitchen renovation, a kitchen painting, replacing of peeling vinyl, upgrading laminate and laminex are great ways to prepare your property for sale.

That said many properties are already lined up onto the market. Read on to find our top 5 tips on how to prepare your property most cost effectively effectively for the market.

  1. De-clutter your place 

    Remove any things that lies around because dust-catchers don’t attract buyers. Start a good clean out and throw out the things you don’t need anymore. The golden rule is: You haven’t used it in the past 6 months hence you won’t need it in the next 6

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Be an Expert: How To Choose The Best Polish Shop

Portrait Of Smiling Painter With Arm Crossed Holding Paintbrush At Home

The quality of work that is carried out by a polish shop when painting your cabinets is the most important factor to ensure a perfect finish. The polish shop industry is largely unregulated which has led to a large number of ‘backyard polishers’ hitting the marketplace. Some Cabinet Makers advise you that they use a replicable painting company, when really they are painting your kitchen themselves, in their own workshop with no experience These polish shops aren’t credible and don’t have the  industry experience to carry out high quality work. Their poor quality craftsmanship generally decreases the industry standard and creates long term problems for customers down the track. If you are getting your cabinets refinished, become an expert on the industry to make sure you get the best quality cabinets possible. When looking for a polish shop to work with, keep an eye out for these things:

– Ask about their process. An increased number of backyard polishers cut corners on the polish process. Though each

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Know the Signs: When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Cabinets

Picture of elegant kitchen furniture with solid wooden worktops

What motivates a homeowner to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the difference between your home needing a little upkeep and TLC or a proper renovation. Here are some handy hints on the tell tale signs of when it’s time to get started on renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets.


Peeling vinyl

The most obvious, and often the most first tell tale sign that your cabinets might be refinished is the vinyl beginning to peel. Vinyl cabinets became extremely popular in home decor in the 1990s. As a cheap alternative to a painted or timber kitchen, vinyl cabinets were installed in homes all over the country. Though vinyl cabinets often look great, the biggest issue with them is when they begin to peel. No matter how well you look after your cabinets, after roughly 10 to 15 years the glue which is used to apply the vinyl to the underlying MDF will lose its adhesiveness. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided as the glue

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