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A Guide To Finding The Right Polisher – The Top Five Questions To Ask

A guide to finding the right polisher – the top five questions to ask Finding the best polisher might seem like a simple task at first glance, but especially in post boom times you will find significant quality differences on the market. The bottom range of the trade will be easily spotted and avoided – however the… Read more »

Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that is on trend or timeless, a professional contractor can transform your dated kitchen and turn it into a modern gourmet space. Don’t toss out the good with the bad, at Dianella Polishing we thrive to work with your existing… Read more »

Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Competitive

If you live in Perth, you have probably read or seen that the rental market is currently taking the favour of renters looking to find a new home. Whether you’re as far north as Yanchep or down south in Mandurah, growth in the property market over recent years has lead to the market being saturated… Read more »