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Flag a feature and create a hint of luxury in your kitchen

Do you want to make the most of your open plan living? Fancy that shiny modern look? Learn how to avoid ripples, when going for high-gloss cabinets. Here are some things you want to consider when catching the light in your combined front room dining area.

The modern light filled seafront loft is the latest trend. „More and more clients are asking for the shiny translucent look that brings the insight out”, says Tim O’Brien, Dianella Polishing Production Manager.

Cabinet makers can provide you with several options to achieve that look.  You can chose of acrylic doors, glass doors, MDF (medium density fibreboard) laminate or melamine boards.

Ripples are too much of a seaside theme 

The different materials come with an according price tag. Most of the times it does not matter which substrate you choose. All materials can be finished with the same range of paint from Satin (30% gloss) over Semi Gloss (60% gloss) to high gloss (100%gloss) and Gloss Buff.

However the higher the gloss level is, the more susceptible are your cabinet doors to ripples. This is when the substrate matters.

Ripples on sprayed cabinet doors have their name from those very similar structures you see

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Timber Kitchens: Why It’s Time For A Change

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Popularity in home decor changes on a very regular basis – sometimes a simple cream vinyl wrapped kitchen is in fashion, whilst another year dark wood is the most popular thing on the market. Timber kitchens have popped up as the “must have” in kitchen designs many times over the past few decades. Whether your kitchen is made of pine, mahogany, oak or another type of timber – Dianella Polishing has seen it all! Are you thinking it might be time to update your outdated, timber kitchen? Check out our top 4 reasons why you should update your timber kitchen!


Reason #1 – white never dates.

A white, cream, or neutral kitchen, bathroom, laundry or kitchen cabinets rarely date or go out of style. White is timeless, and if you’re looking at updating your kitchen you want to make sure you are going to be happy with your choice for a long time.


Reason #2 – light colours make the space look bigger

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