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Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine

Most people have heard of it. Many have it in their kitchen but only few know what it actually is: Melamine. In this episode of our Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine we introduce you to “Melamine Faced Chipboard” or as most people know it Melamine. If you are wondering what melamine kitchen cabinets actually are made off read on.

Melamine is a chemical substance that when combined with Formaldehyde makes a very sturdy resin used to produce high-pressure chipboards and laminates such as Formica. Your Cabinetmakers cuts the pre-finished board to shape and size and uses it to build furniture. He uses it in kitchen and laundry cabinetry, office desks, cupboards, for wardrobes and shelving. It is an easy product to work with when planning a Kitchen Facelift.

The melamine boards come in a large number of plain colours as well as special finishes. They are strong, durable, resistant to heat, moisture, stains and dirt. This makes them a popular choice for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. The greatest advantage of melamine cabinets is its affordability. Compared to solid wood cabinets with a very similar finish they are lots cheaper.

Prone to chipping and hard to repair

The greatest

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How to Polish Timber the Right Way

spray glow

There is endless advice online about how to polish your timber cabinets and furniture to maintain their shine. What that advice doesn’t take into consideration is the future of your furniture. Here is our tip how to polish timber the right way.

Store-bought Furniture Polish

As professional polishers, we constantly see timber furniture that has been repeatedly cleaned with silicone or wax based polishes, such as Mr. Sheen. These polishes are readily available at local stores. They are safe to use on your timber, but unwise if you ever plan to paint or refinish it in the future.


Store-bought furniture polishes cause silicone or wax buildup on timber. They create surfaces that must be stripped to be refinished. This adds another step in the refinishing process that could be avoided. To avoid this stubborn build-up, we recommend using a product called Spray Glow.

What is Spray Glow?

Spray Glow is a lightly perfumed, silicone free furniture polish which has been formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered timber articles. Spray Glow is fully recoatable, surfaces do not have to be stripped back prior to recoating. Spray

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