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Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine

Most people have heard of it. Many have it in their kitchen but only few know what it actually is: Melamine. In this episode of our Kitchen Facelift ABC – M like Melamine we introduce you to “Melamine Faced Chipboard” or as most people know it Melamine. If you are wondering what melamine kitchen cabinets actually are made off read on.

Melamine is a chemical substance that when combined with Formaldehyde makes a very sturdy resin used to produce high-pressure chipboards and laminates such as Formica. Your Cabinetmakers cuts the pre-finished board to shape and size and uses it to build furniture. He uses it in kitchen and laundry cabinetry, office desks, cupboards, for wardrobes and shelving. It is an easy product to work with when planning a Kitchen Facelift.

The melamine boards come in a large number of plain colours as well as special finishes. They are strong, durable, resistant to heat, moisture, stains and dirt. This makes them a popular choice for kitchens, laundries and bathrooms. The greatest advantage of melamine cabinets is its affordability. Compared to solid wood cabinets with a very similar finish they are lots cheaper.

Prone to chipping and hard to repair

The greatest

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Why is Painting Kitchen Cabinets Difficult?

Kitchen Renovations


What’s all the fuss about? Art class was a breeze. Painting the dog house was easy enough. It couldn’t be that hard to paint kitchen cabinets, right? Read on to learn some factors that make painting kitchen cabinets a bit more difficult.


Many people think painting kitchen cabinets is as easy as painting walls. Walls are large flat surfaces which allow paint to be applied with a roller, ensuring an even distribution of paint. Cabinets have smaller surfaces, usually with recessed panels and knobs. These edges, corners and holes make it more difficult to create a smooth, even finished surface. Paint if not applied correctly, can build up in corners or splash onto the wrong surfaces. Painting cabinets is much more tedious than walls.

Noticeable Flaws

Paint for walls is usually a matt paint that is more forgiving to imperfections. Walls can even be painted with a texture paint that hides almost all flaws. If there are scratches or marks on walls, they can easily be covered or easily overlooked.

Paint for kitchen cabinets can vary, but many

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