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How to prepare your property for sale

How to prepare your property for sale

Property experts say the WA property market is about to recover. After the draught of the last couple of years many vendors are now desperate to sell for a good price. The Real Estate market is buzzing in summer. Lots of buyers are screening the market after the holidays and want to close the deal before the End of the Financial Year. Home staging, a kitchen makeover, a kitchen renovation, a kitchen painting, replacing of peeling vinyl, upgrading laminate and laminex are great ways to prepare your property for sale.

That said many properties are already lined up onto the market. Read on to find our top 5 tips on how to prepare your property most cost effectively effectively for the market.

  1. De-clutter your place 

    De-clutter is key when you prepare your property for sale. Remove any things that lies around because dust-catchers don’t attract buyers. Start a good clean out and throw out the things you don’t need anymore. The golden rule is: You haven’t used it in the past 6

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Laminate and Melamine: What You Need to Know


The decade that your kitchen, bathroom or laundry was constructed will greatly impact the type of cabinets you have in place. The 1980’s and 1990’s were known for vinyl wrapped kitchens, so a number of these homes may have peeling vinyl doors. However, if you have a more modern kitchen, your kitchen is probably made of melamine or laminate.


These types of cabinets are pre-finished and come in almost any colour – which has made them an extremely popular, inexpensive choice for kitchen cabinets. The compound found in both melamine and laminate is extremely strong, durable and mostly heat resistant which make sure your cabinets last as long as your kitchen.


Over the years, kitchen trends come and go. We have seen brightly coloured cabinets, misshapen door handles, crazy patterned tiles and bold splash backs rise and fall in popularity. These changes have resulted in a number of outdated, sometimes crazy kitchen cabinetry. Luckily, the process is update a melamine or laminate kitchen is an easy one.


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