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Know Your Rights When Renovating Your Kitchen

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When it comes to home renovations almost everyone has heard or experienced first hand some type of horror story. Unfortunately, in an industry which relies heavily on quality craftsmanship and experienced tradesmen, there are a number of suppliers who do not meet the expected standard. Knowing your rights as a customer, knowing the industry standards, and knowing who can help you if something goes wrong is extremely important for peace of mind when renovating your home. Below we discuss some of the most common queries we have heard of in regards to kitchen renovations and offer some advice on where to find more information.


Scratches, chips and markings

Renovating is messy work and with that mess can sometimes come general damage to your new kitchen. It is important to understand what damage, even if it is slight damage, is considered acceptable wear and tear, and what is not acceptable. The Housing Industry Association (HIA) provide guides on their website regarding whether a scratch or chip is acceptable throughout the construction process. This guide can be purchased through the HIA website. Generally speaking, the depth, length and width of a scratch, chip or marking are all deciding factors on the level of damage to a cabinet and who is at fault. If you find your cabinets are damaged throughout the installation process, speak directly with your cabinet maker or polish shop to discuss the outcome with respect to the HIA guidelines. If you can not come to an agreeable solution contact the HIA directly to discuss your claim.


Will my kitchen have a warranty?

Your new kitchen can come with different warranties depending on what you have had renovated. When kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets are painted by a professional polishing shop, the paint is under manufacturer warranty. This means the supplier of the paint itself is the company who provides you with your warranty. Different product suppliers will have different rules and have a different spectrum on what its warranty covers. It is important whether you are working with a cabinet maker, or polish shop directly to ask about who is supplying the paint and what does their warranty cover you for before the job is completed and installed.


Depending on whether you complete parts of the renovation work yourself or utilise contractors, your kitchen might be covered under different warranties. It is important to ask questions and read the paperwork regarding your renovations to know what is covered and what isn’t.


More information and industry standards

If you are having issues with your kitchen renovations it is always advisable to speak directly with contractor at first instance. If you continue to have issues, you can contact the Housing Industry Association who will be able to point you in the right direction to get your issues resolved. The HIA provide an industry standard for a number of topics relating to home building and home renovations and can be a governing body on any potential issues that may arise.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to send us your questions below!

Cabinet Refinishing: What’s Involved and How Can It Save You Money

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When you think kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovations your first thought is probably “how much is that going to cost me?”. Surprisingly enough, a kitchen, bathroom or laundry renovation doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg. When the team at Dianella Polishing is asked to come and quote on refinishing cabinets, we are usually met with the same expression “wow, I didn’t realise I can get a new kitchen at such a low price”!


Vinyl wrapped kitchens rose in popularity in the 80s and 90s. Which means a good majority of the kitchens we see today are faced with peeling or cracked vinyl doors. However, many homes have kitchen cabinets made of other materials such as laminate, melamine or even timber. It doesn’t matter what your cabinets are made out of, we can usually refinish them.


What is Cabinet Refinishing?

Cabinet refinishing is a term typically used to describe giving your cabinets a new look, without changing the physical hardware. When a kitchen, bathroom or laundry is first designed it is typically created to maximise the space that is available. Because of this, when renovating these rooms there usually isn’t a need to completely replace the cabinets. The original material that a cabinet is made of will impact the refinishing process. Vinyl wrapped cabinets typically need the vinyl and glue to be removed before the cabinets are refinished and painted. Whilst cabinets made of laminate or timber can usually just be cleaned, sanded and painted.


How Much Will It Cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to how much refinishing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets will cost. There is no ‘standard price’ per door, or easy quoting method that can give you an exact price on what refinishing will cost. However, we typically say that kitchen, bathroom or laundry refinishing will cost you about a third of the price of an entire cabinet renovation. Though the price will depend on various factors, it is almost certain you will save money.


When looking at getting your cabinets refinished, give Dianella Polishing a call and we will send out Trevor to take a look and provide you with a quote. Our quotes are obligation free and Trevor will provide you with honest and reliable information on the best course of action for your renovation.


If you have any questions regards cabinet refinishing let us know in the comments below!

How to Care For Your New Painted Kitchen

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Have you just had shiny new kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets painted by Dianella Polishing? After years of outdated timber, melamine, or vinyl wrapped cabinets do you finally have the fresh, modern look you were after? Getting a new kitchen, bathroom or laundry usually involved months of planning and preparing. It’s exciting! Renovations, no matter how big or small, always cost money. When done right, home renovations add value to your home. To get the best value out of your investment it is important to take proper care of your new cabinets from the day they are installed.


A kitchen painted by Dianella Polishing is painted with durable 2 pac paint. This is made to withstand the elements of a kitchen, bathroom and laundry. However, looking after your cabinets will ensure they stay looking fresh for longer. There are a couple of important tips to keep in mind when caring for your new painted cabinets:

– Clean your cabinets with lukewarm water and a diluted multi-purpose cleaning solution. Though painted cabinets are heat and chemical resistant, they are not indestructible. Using mild temperature water and a diluted cleaner will ensure they stand the test of time.

– Do not clean your cabinets with boiling hot water. Boiling hot water can potentially damage your cabinets. As mentioned above, use lukewarm water instead of boiling hot water.

– Stay away from harsh chemical cleaners. Strong, undiluted cleaners can damage the paint on your cabinet. Stay away from directly applying harsh cleaners to your cabinet, try diluting them instead.

– Clean your cabinets regularly. It might seem like a simple tip, but regularly washing down all your cabinets will ensure dirt and residue does not build up and permanently stain your cabinets.

– Where possible place appliances that generate steam or heat away from your cabinets. For example, do not place your kettle or toaster under a wall mounted cabinet. In the short term the steam and heat will not damage your cabinets or its paint. But after years of wear and tear steam and heat from appliance can cause damage quicker than if it was in a better ventilated part of your kitchen.

– Do not slam your cabinet doors shut. Slamming your doors shut over the lifespan of your cabinets can damage both the hardware and the paint. Soft closing cabinets are now popular in modern homes to ensure that you don’t do damage to your cabinets.


The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are often the most well utilised rooms in your house. This means the general wear and tear of everyday use will impact the paint over time. Making sure you take the best care of your cabinets from the day they are installed will ensure that they stay looking as good as new for as long as possible.


Do you have any questions regarding the care of your painted kitchen? Let us know in the comments below.