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Renovating Your Rental: When is the Best Time?

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Similar to owning the house you live in every day, a rental property needs ongoing care and upkeep. When a property is a rental, keeping upkeep costs to a minimum is imperative to ensure you make the most profit possible.

At Dianella Polishing, we regularly receive phone calls and email enquiries regarding refinishing the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets of rental properties. The renovation of a rental property should be approached with a different set of rules to renovating a home that you live in.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re refinishing the kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets of your rental property.

Cost – Refinishing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets will save you a considerable amount of money on your rental property renovation costs. Generally speaking, refinishing cabinets with Dianella Polishing is typically a third of the price of replacing the pre-existing cabinets with completely new ones. Where saving money is one of the most important factors, refinishing cabinets is a great start.

Style – The kitchen is one of the most well utilised rooms in the house. When prospective renters are looking for a new home, they can be easily swayed by a modern, stylish kitchen or bathroom. Refinishing cabinets to update and modernise their appeal means your rental home may be worth more per week to potential renters.

Durability – When living in a home that you own for yourself, typically you’ll always be more careful with furnishings and fittings. Unfortunately the nature of rental properties means different people will be living in your home for different amounts of times. As cabinets are well utilised, they need to be as durable and long lasting as possible.

Timeliness – If you have decided you want to refinish the cabinets in your rental property, it’s important to chose to best time to get the upgrade complete. If tenants are still in your property it can cause problems to remove the hardware for it to be upgraded. When Dianella Polishing are upgrading cabinets, we need to deal directly with the owner regarding the upgrade, not the tenants or real estate agent as they are unable to make decisions. The best time to complete cabinet refinishing is when the property is vacant, and in between tenants. On average, it only take 2 weeks to complete an upgrade, which means you can have new tenants back into your property in a flash. So if your current tenants are about to move out, it might be time to consider upgrading your cabinets.

If you’re a homeowner of a rental property and you need to do some work to your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets get in touch with Dianella Polishing today!

Know the Signs: When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Cabinets

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What motivates a homeowner to upgrade their kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the difference between your home needing a little upkeep and TLC or a proper renovation. Here are some handy hints on the tell tale signs of when it’s time to get started on renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets.


Peeling vinyl

The most obvious, and often the most first tell tale sign that your cabinets might be refinished is the vinyl beginning to peel. Vinyl cabinets became extremely popular in home decor in the 1990s. As a cheap alternative to a painted or timber kitchen, vinyl cabinets were installed in homes all over the country. Though vinyl cabinets often look great, the biggest issue with them is when they begin to peel. No matter how well you look after your cabinets, after roughly 10 to 15 years the glue which is used to apply the vinyl to the underlying MDF will lose its adhesiveness. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided as the glue which is used does not have a long standing life span.


The first signs of peeling vinyl will often show on the corners and edges of the cabinets which are in the most utilised part of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Once the peeling process has begun, there is no way to stop it. However, peeling cabinets does not mean the cabinets need to be replaced. The peeling vinyl can be removed and the doors can go through a special process to remove the excess glue. Once this has taken place, the cabinets can then be painted to whatever finish best suits your home decor and reinstalled back in your kitchen, bathroom or laundry,


White vinyl changes to yellow

When vinyl cabinets haven’t been maintained to the correct standard over a long period of time, eventually they will begin to discolour and turn yellow. The three main reasons why this occurs is due to heavily sunlight, cooking and food particles or a faulty product being installed originally. Similar to peeling vinyl, once discolouration begins it is a difficult process to stop. Though discolouration does not hinder the use of cabinets, it is often a sign that it might be time to refinish your cabinets to give them new life. The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are some of the best utilised rooms in the house, and often where you spend a large amount of your time. So if you notice the cabinets turning yellow, maybe give Dianella Polishing a call.


General wear and tear

We are all guilty of slamming a cupboard shut every now and then, or maybe forgetting to put the exhaust fan on in the kitchen or bathroom. Not to mention the countless meals that have been prepared for your family in your kitchen, or the number of times you’ve opened the laundry cabinet to get soap for the washing. Your home is made of be lived in, and with that comes the general wear and tear of life. After years of living in your home the cabinets will begin to lose the shine they once had. Sometimes cabinets don’t need to have anything wrong with them to be refreshed, they have just been well used and need a facelift.


If you have any questions regarding to when you should start considering to upgrade your cabinets, let us know in the comments below.


Even When Working With A Cabinet Maker: Get to Know Your Polish Shop

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When building a new kitchen or renovating your existing one, a cabinet maker is often the first contractor you will think to call. A cabinet maker is an important part of the building and renovating process. However, it is important to understand what a cabinet maker does and the questions you need to ask them when engaging their services. A cabinet maker is responsible for designing and building kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets. The scope of work that a cabinet maker carries out will differ depending on the cabinet maker. Though all cabinets are made from timber or MDF, their finishing will differ. Timber, vinyl, laminate or paint, there are a variety of finishes available when installing cabinets. If cabinets have a painted finish, once they have been built they are sent to a polish shop to complete the paint and finish. When installing a painted kitchen the final look of the cabinets relies heavily on the quality and workmanship provided by the cabinet maker. The look, feel and finish of the cabinets is extremely important to ensure you have beautiful new cabinets. Because of this, it is important to make sure you ask your cabinet maker the right questions regarding the polish shop they will be using for your painted kitchens. Being inquisitive and educated on the work your cabinet maker and polish shop will carry out is key to making sure you get the cabinets you have always dreamed of!


What is most important to ask your cabinet maker?

In regards to a painted kitchen there are a number of important questions to ask your cabinet maker about your polish shop. These include:

– What polish shop will be used on my cabinets? It is important to ask your cabinet maker what polish shop will be painting your cabinets. Some cabinet makers will utilise the services of multiple polish shops, so make sure you ask what polish shop will complete your work.

– Can I see samples and finished work from the polish shop? If your cabinet maker is using a reputable polish shop such as Dianella Polishing, they should be able to provide you with branded samples of their work. The sample should show the high quality finish that your cabinets will have.

– Can I contact the polish shop directly? There is no problem with contacting the polish shop directly to see some finished work. When dealing with a cabinet maker, Dianella Polishing recommends asking them for our contact details so that you can come down to the workshop and showroom. This will allow you to view a wide range of sample work and see the workspace where your job will be complete.

– What experience does the polish shop have and how long have you worked with them? As the polish shop industry is largely unregulated industry, it is important to gauge the relationship your cabinet maker has with your polish shop. Dianella Polishing has been in the industry for almost 35 years, which makes us an industry leader. We have long standing relationships with cabinet makers all over Perth, meaning we trust them and they trust us. Find out from your cabinet maker the relationship they have with their polish shop and how long they have been in the industry and the experience they have.

If you’re unsure about the polish shop your cabinet maker is using, you are always able to request they send your cabinets to Dianella Polishing. Alternatively you can give us a call on 9302 6913 and speak to us directly. We will be able to provide you with a quote on your job, or point you in the direction of a reputable cabinet maker who can help you with your renovation!

Do you have any question regarding cabinet makers? Ask us below!