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Welcome, from everyone at Dianella Polishing, to our blog. Here we post more extensive information on some of our past, on-going and future projects, as well as share company news and highlights. Our regular posts will allow you to stay updated with our newest clients and styles as well as acting as a forum for any queries that you may have.

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Important Questions for your Cabinet Maker


A painted kitchen adds style and value to your home. Whether you’re building your kitchen from new or replacing the design of your old kitchen a cabinet maker is probably your first phone call. When you have decided on a kitchen design, the next question you will receive from your cabinet maker is what finish […]

3 Fast Facts About Painted Cabinets

Painting, Polishing

Whether you’re building a new home from the ground up, or renovating your existing kitchen, bathroom or laundry you are probably being faced with a number of big decisions. When deciding on cabinets, particularly the ones featured in your kitchen there are a lot of different things to chose from. Colour, finish, paint, vinyl, timber, […]

Timber Kitchens: Why It’s Time For A Change


Popularity in home decor changes on a very regular basis – sometimes a simple cream vinyl wrapped kitchen is in fashion, whilst another year dark wood is the most popular thing on the market. Timber kitchens have popped up as the “must have” in kitchen designs many times over the past few decades. Whether your […]

Busting Myths about Cabinet Refinishing

Renovating, Tips

Cabinet refinishing is not a new process – but it sure isn’t the most commonly known way to renovate your kitchen. When we go out and give quotes to refinish kitchen cabinets, we hear a lot of the same questions regards myths our clients have been told about kitchen renovations. Today we have compiled a […]

Laminate and Melamine: What You Need to Know


The decade that your kitchen, bathroom or laundry was constructed will greatly impact the type of cabinets you have in place. The 1980’s and 1990’s were known for vinyl wrapped kitchens, so a number of these homes may have peeling vinyl doors. However, if you have a more modern kitchen, your kitchen is probably made […]

Kitchen Cabinets: How to Remove Peeling Vinyl

Renovating, Tips

When refinishing your old, cracking or peeling kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets the best rule of thumb is the more work you do yourself, the more money you will save. As a polish shop that specialises in refinishing peeling vinyl cabinets, Dianella Polishing works with our clients to ensure they get best value for money […]

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