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Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Competitive

Portrait of house for rent

If you live in Perth, you have probably read or seen that the rental market is currently taking the favour of renters looking to find a new home. Whether you’re as far north as Yanchep or down south in Mandurah, growth in the property market over recent years has lead to the market being saturated in rental properties. Rental prices are low and seemingly more affordable than they have been in a long time. If you are a owner of a rental property it is important to keep your property as desirable as possible during competitive time. Here are some of the key things renters typically consider when looking for a new rental property and things to consider to keep your property as competitive as possible.

Fresh Paint & New Flooring

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. If your rental property has been on the market for a few years or has been extensively lived in it might be time to consider a fresh coat of paint and some new flooring in the most utilised rooms in the house. A DIY paint job, and long-lasting flooring options such as vinyl or floating floorboards will go a long way when your property is on the market. The walls and floor take up a great majority of your house and when freshly done they will quickly be noticed by potential renters.

Modern Kitchen

Depending on the age of your house, a modern kitchen might not be feasible. However, small changes can be made to your outdated kitchen in order to give it a fresh, modern look. Refinishing your kitchen cabinets is a cheap and effective way to add value to your home. Light coloured kitchen cabinets will brighten up a room, give the appearance of more space and will look completely modern for a fraction of the price of a new kitchen. If your cabinets are in good condition, refinishing them to make them look as good as new will typically cost a third of the price of installing a new kitchen. It’s a job that must be done by the professionals, but if you speak with Dianella Polishing our Sales Representative will be able to come have a look at your current kitchen and make suggestions on how a kitchen makeover will make your home more appealing to potential renters.

Storage Space – Kitchen, Bathroom & Laundry

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry are three of the most well utilised rooms in the house. In additional to their day to day purposes, these rooms are also largely used for the storage of everyday clutter. If you’re trying to make your rental property shine in a competitive market, making sure the kitchen, bathroom and laundry have ample storage space and are visually appealing is key. Similar to a modern kitchen, utilising light coloured cupboards will make these rooms look more spacious. If your bathroom or laundry lack storage space or cupboards, it might be worth investing in a cabinet maker to install some new cabinets for you. If you already have ample storage space in the bathroom or laundry, but the colours of the cupboards are dark or outdated, Dianella Polishing is able to refinish your cabinets the same as we can with your kitchen.

If you’re the owner of a rental property staying ahead of trends and keeping your property appealing is the key to ensuring your property is never on the market for long. If you have any further question on how Dianella Polishing can help you with your rental property, let us know in the comments below!

Peeling Vinyl: It Can’t Be Fixed But It Can Be Replaced

Cozy kitchen interior in modern detached house

A common question we receive from people looking to update and renovate their kitchen is ‘how can I fix the peeling vinyl on my kitchen cupboards?’ Peeling vinyl is an frustrating and unappealing to downside to having vinyl wrapped cupboards. Vinyl is often the cheaper option when installing cupboards, and due to its wide range and easy availability it’s a popular choice. Unfortunately, the lifespan of vinyl ranges from 10 to 15 years. Which means at one point or another, whether you were the person to install the cupboards or not it is possible you will be faced with the peeling vinyl dilemma.

Peeling Vinyl Dilemma

Vinyl begins to peel because the glue used the stick the vinyl to the underlying MDF can only be manufactured with a lifespan of up to 15 years. Depending on the way the cupboards have been cared for, the environment in which they were installed and the general durability of the products, vinyl can sometimes begin to peel much earlier than its anticipated lifespan.

When vinyl begins to peel it usually does not do so evenly. The doors which are most well utilised within the kitchen, will often begin to peel first. The top corners which are most often grabbed at will typically be the first to peel, or bottom corners that are regularly bumped or kicked may also be the first spot you notice peeling.

Once the peeling process has begun there is no way to stop it. Unfortunately peeling vinyl cannot be fixed or reglued. Because of this once vinyl begins to peel it can’t be fixed it needs to be replaced.

The Plus Side

Though peeling vinyl does not look the best, there are a number of positive things to keep in mind. Peeling vinyl does not do any damage to the underlying MDF. This means, once the vinyl has began to peel you can remove it yourself and get the MDF painted by a professional polish shop such as Dianella Polishing. Peeling vinyl is quite easy to remove yourself. If you follow the simple instructions on how to safely remove peeling vinyl, it will save you money when getting your cabinets refinished. Once vinyl has been removed, the MDF can be painted to bring new life to your kitchen. Refinishing your cabinets typically costs a third of the price of an entire kitchen renovation. So even though peeling vinyl is unsightly in the short term, once you’re ready to redoing your kitchen it’s going to save you plenty of money in the long run!

If you have any questions about peeling vinyl, painted kitchens or would like to share your kitchen refinishing experience let us know in the comment section below!

Be an Expert: How To Choose The Best Polish Shop

Portrait Of Smiling Painter With Arm Crossed Holding Paintbrush At Home

The quality of work that is carried out by a polish shop when painting your cabinets is the most important factor to ensure a perfect finish. The polish shop industry is largely unregulated which has led to a large number of ‘backyard polishers’ hitting the marketplace. Some Cabinet Makers advise you that they use a replicable painting company, when really they are painting your kitchen themselves, in their own workshop with no experience These polish shops aren’t credible and don’t have the  industry experience to carry out high quality work. Their poor quality craftsmanship generally decreases the industry standard and creates long term problems for customers down the track. If you are getting your cabinets refinished, become an expert on the industry to make sure you get the best quality cabinets possible. When looking for a polish shop to work with, keep an eye out for these things:

– Ask about their process. An increased number of backyard polishers cut corners on the polish process. Though each polish shop’s process will differ slightly, it is imperative that every job is undercoated before it is painted. As the kitchen, bathroom and laundry are some of the most well utilised rooms in the house, it is important the paint on the cabinets is the most durable it can be. If the cabinets are not undercoated the cost may be lower, but the cabinets will not be to the correct standard that is required for them to be long lasting.And the paint companies will walk away from the warranty if it has not been undercoated.

– If the price is to be true, it usually is. Even a credible polish shop, such as Dianella Polishing, will be able to give new life to your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the price of replacing them. However, if you are comparing prices between polish shops and one is hugely cheaper than the rest, it’s probably too good to be true. Some polish shops who use sub-par techniques and less quality products will lower the cost of their service. When it comes to cabinet refinishing, you pay for the quality you receive.

– Do your research. If you are using a reputable polish shop they should be able to show you References Of previous work. Trade certificates shows that person been a  polisher has received the education they need to carry out your work correctly. Ask for proof of prior experience such as photos and testimonials, Google the company before engaging in their service and ask to view their workshop.

– Use a local business. Within Australia the polish shop industry differs from state to state. Environmental factors such as weather and proximity to the ocean will affect the type of products that need to be used to polish cabinets. Using a business local to WA means the polishers will be experienced in the WA environment and process. National companies may be able to provide services at a slightly cheaper price as they are able to bulk buy paint at larger quantities, but the products used are not as well suited to the WA environment. As a general rule of thumb, local is always best.

When utilising the services of a polish shop there are a number of things to keep in mind to ensure you receive the best quality workmanship and finished product. Research is key! Employing a local, reputable and well trusted company will ensure you’re happy with your cabinets for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets, let us know in the comments below.