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Kitchen renovation: The savvy six steps to upgrade your kitchen on a budget

Do you want to know, how to be smart about your Kitchen Renovation? We have the savvy six steps to upgrade your kitchen on a budget.

If your kitchen is still in a good nick but simply outdated, you clearly need a change. But it doesn’t always have to be a brand-new kitchen. If you decide on a kitchen make over with Dianella Polishing, you’ll let your old kitchen shine as new.


Keep the structure, update the rest. The idea behind a Kitchen Renovation is to give you a brand new kitchen on a budget. In order to save 1000’s of $$, you want to make as much use of your intact existing structure as possible.

Keep the cabinets, leave the plumbing where it is and don’t touch the electricity and gas connections. Instead freshly paint cabinet doors, panels and drawer fronts, add new benchtops, add some colour and change the lighting to design a modern contemporary light filled kitchen.

While you can’t re-invent your kitchen layout from scratch, you obviously can still improve the overall design by adding a kitchen island or a single unit to the existing structure. Dianella Polishing works with Perth’s best cabinet makers and

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Update Your Laminate or Melamine Kitchen With a Professional Paint Job

Stylish white modern kitchen interior: a re-painted melamine kitchen

A custom designed kitchen can come in many shapes and sizes. Throughout the years the fashion and trends have changed. Different styles of kitchens are popular in modern homes. The four most popular types of kitchen finishing are a painted kitchen, a vinyl wrapped kitchen, a laminate or melamine kitchen and a timber kitchen. Each type of kitchen has its strengths and weakness. Budget, personal taste and the time which your kitchen was designed all play the biggest roles in impacting the type of kitchen your home might have. Since the 1980s, laminate or melamine kitchens have gained popularity. This was particularly the case due to their range of styles and lower cost. However, outdated colour schemes and change in trends has led to a number of older laminate and melamine kitchens to become outdated.

Updating a Laminate or Melamine Kitchens

Melamine kitchens cupboards are made from a process of pressing paper to a MDF board through a high pressure process. Unlike vinyl wrapped kitchens, melamine does not

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Tips to Keep Your Rental Property Competitive

Update your rental property to stay competitive

If you live in Perth, you have probably read or seen that the rental market is currently taking the favour of renters.  It does not matter if you are far north as Yanchep or down south in Mandurah. The growth in the property market over recent years has lead to the market being saturated in rental properties. Rental prices are low and seemingly more affordable than they have been in a long time. If you are a owner of a rental property it is important to update your rental property. To be as desirable as possible during competitive times you might consider a Kitchen Facelift or to add fresh paint. Here are some of the key things we recommend because these are the things tenants typically consider when looking for a new rental property. Read on to get our recommendations on how to keep your property as competitive as possible.

Fresh Paint & New Flooring

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference. If your rental has been on the market for a

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Peeling Vinyl: It Can’t Be Fixed But It Can Be Replaced

Cozy kitchen interior in modern detached house

A common question we receive from people looking to update and renovate their kitchen is: “How can I Fix Peeling Vinyl on my kitchen cupboards?’ Peeling vinyl is an frustrating and unappealing to downside to having vinyl wrapped cupboards. Vinyl is often the cheaper option when installing cupboards, and due to its wide range and easy availability it’s a popular choice. Unfortunately, the lifespan of vinyl ranges from 10 to 15 years. Which means at one point or another, whether you were the person to install the cupboards or not it is possible you will be faced with the peeling vinyl dilemma and ask yourself how to fix peeling vinyl.

How to Fix Peeling Vinyl Dilemma

Vinyl begins to peel due to the glue used to stick the vinyl to the underlying MDF. It can only be manufactured with a lifespan of up to 15 years. The durability depends on the way the cupboards have been cared for, the environment in which they were installed and the general durability of

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Be an Expert: How To Choose The Best Polish Shop

Portrait Of Smiling Painter With Arm Crossed Holding Paintbrush At Home

The quality of work that is carried out by a polish shop when painting your cabinets is the most important factor to ensure a perfect finish. The polish shop industry is largely unregulated. This is why many ‘backyard polishers’ are hitting the marketplace. Some Cabinet Makers advise you that they use a replicable painting company. Often however they are painting your kitchen themselves. If they paint it in their own workshop with no experience you might be in trouble. These polish shops aren’t credible and don’t have the  industry experience to carry out high quality work. Their poor quality craftsmanship generally decreases the industry standard. It can create long term problems for customers down the track. If you are getting your cabinets refinished, become an expert on the industry to make sure you get the best quality cabinets possible. When looking for a polish shop to work with, keep an eye out for these things.

Ask about their process

– Ask about their process. An increased number

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