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Peeling Vinyl: It Can’t Be Fixed But It Can Be Replaced

Cozy kitchen interior in modern detached house

A common question we receive from people looking to update and renovate their kitchen is: “How can I Fix Peeling Vinyl on my kitchen cupboards?’ Peeling vinyl is an frustrating and unappealing to downside to having vinyl wrapped cupboards. Vinyl is often the cheaper option when installing cupboards, and due to its wide range and easy availability it’s a popular choice. Unfortunately, the lifespan of vinyl ranges from 10 to 15 years. Which means at one point or another, whether you were the person to install the cupboards or not it is possible you will be faced with the peeling vinyl dilemma and ask yourself how to fix peeling vinyl.

How to Fix Peeling Vinyl Dilemma

Vinyl begins to peel due to the glue used to stick the vinyl to the underlying MDF. It can only be manufactured with a lifespan of up to 15 years. The durability depends on the way the cupboards have been cared for, the environment in which they were installed and the general durability of

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Be an Expert: How To Choose The Best Polish Shop

Portrait Of Smiling Painter With Arm Crossed Holding Paintbrush At Home

The quality of work that is carried out by a polish shop when painting your cabinets is the most important factor to ensure a perfect finish. The polish shop industry is largely unregulated. This is why many ‘backyard polishers’ are hitting the marketplace. Some Cabinet Makers advise you that they use a replicable painting company. Often however they are painting your kitchen themselves. If they paint it in their own workshop with no experience you might be in trouble. These polish shops aren’t credible and don’t have the  industry experience to carry out high quality work. Their poor quality craftsmanship generally decreases the industry standard. It can create long term problems for customers down the track. If you are getting your cabinets refinished, become an expert on the industry to make sure you get the best quality cabinets possible. When looking for a polish shop to work with, keep an eye out for these things.

Ask about their process

– Ask about their process. An increased number

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My Vinyl Cabinets Are Peeling: Now What?

Professional gas range and range hood, white cabinet, antique ceiling lamps, fine bone china teacups in cabinets. Chalk paint hand-painted stools. Antique brass fruit tray. Antique cherry wood tea tray.

If your home was built since the 1980s, chances are you might have a vinyl wrapped kitchen. Known for their affordability and variety of colours, vinyl wrap became a popular kitchen covering option. Fast forward 20+ years and vinyl wrap is still being used in homes today. However, kitchens, bathroom and laundry cabinets that are covered in vinyl wrap will often start experiencing peeling after about 8 to 10 years of installation. The reason for this is simple, the glue which is used to hold to vinyl to the underlying MDF is only made to last about 10 years, after which it loses its stick and begins to peel.

Don’t Panic If You Have a Peeling Vinyl Kitchen

When faced with a peeling vinyl kitchen it’s important not to panic. Though peeling vinyl isn’t the most attractive look for your cabinets, more damage can be done by trying

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Renovating Your Rental: When is the Best Time?

A rental property facelift can increase the value of your house or apartment.

Similar to owning the house you live in every day, a rental property needs ongoing care and upkeep. When a property is a rental, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum is imperative to ensure you make the most profit possible. A rental property facelift is a necessity but must not be pricey.

At Dianella Polishing, we regularly receive phone calls and email enquiries regarding rental property facelifts.  Landlords want to re-finish the kitchen, bathroom and laundry cabinets of rental properties. The rental property facelift  is different to renovating a home that you live in.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re refinishing the kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets of your rental property.


Cost – Refinishing your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets will save you a considerable amount of money. Keep your rental property renovation costs down. Generally speaking, refinishing cabinets with Dianella Polishing is typically a third of the price of replacing the pre-existing cabinets with completely new

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Know the Signs: When it’s Time to Upgrade Your Cabinets

update the kitchen cabinets - a picture of elegant kitchen furniture with solid wooden worktops

What motivates a homeowner to update the kitchen cabinets? When do you have to update the kitchen cabinets and upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine the difference between your home needing a little upkeep and TLC or a proper renovation. Here are some handy hints on the tell tale signs of  cabinet aging. Learn when it’s time to update the kitchen cabinets and get started on renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry cabinets.

Peeling vinyl

An obvious sign that you need to update the kitchen cabinets is when the vinyl beginning to peel. Vinyl cabinets became extremely popular in home decor in the 1990s. As a cheap alternative to a painted or timber kitchen, vinyl cabinets are installed in homes all over the country. Though vinyl cabinets often look great. The biggest issue with them is that they begin to peel. It does not matter how well you look after your cabinets. After roughly 10 to 15 years the

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