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The Dianella Polishing FAQ – all you need to know about your kitchen renovation

The Dianella Polishing FAQ – all you need to know about your kitchen renovation

Dianella Polishing re-finishing your peeling vinyl doors with a modern paint that lasts.

We fix your peeling vinyl cabinets and give them a brandnew finish.

My kitchen cabinet doors are peeling, can you fix this?        

Yes, we can re-paint your peeling doors. We are experts in fixing peeling doors and offer a long lasting solution. At Dianella Polishing we refinish your peeling doors and give them a brand-new contemporary look – for a fraction of the cost you would normally have to fork out for a brand new kitchen.

Can you glue my vinyl back?

Unfortunately there is no professional way to glue the peeling vinyl wrap back onto your kitchen cupboards or doors. You could attempt to glue them back yourself, chances are there will be bubbles or lumps in the finish and the vinyl will peel again eventually.

Can’t I just re-paint my kitchen myself?

Yes you can – but why would you? We know the YouTube videos, the Instagram posts and the advice pieces from your favourite blogger that suggest to “just do it yourself”. But we strongly recommend to let us experts do it. Kitchen cabinets need to be painted in a controlled environment, to ensure the professional finish. You don’t want your kitchen to look as a DIY-project. We have more than 30 years’ of experience in French Polishing, a professional workshop and the expertise to make sure that your tired dated kitchen sparkles like a brand-new designer dream.

My cabinets are really old – can you still paint them?

There is no such thing as “too old” cabinets. Our expert polisher will come out and assess your cabinets. As long as they aren’t damaged, we can re-finish your doors and transform them. Be amazed what your tired kitchen will look like after a good coat of two pac paint.

Can you match the colour of my new kitchen cabinets?

Yes we can – we match almost any colour. Many clients love to add more functionality and storage to their existing kitchen while keeping the base of their current kitchen. A new layout and an additional pull-out pantry can revive your kitchen – and we make sure it all looks like one. This is why Dianella Polishing stand out from the rest.

Do you install new bench tops?

Yes, we liaise with trusted qualified cabinet makers, who remove your old laminate bench tops and install the new bench tops of your choice – stone bench tops in granite, marble or engineered stone, such as Caesarstone – it only depends on your choice and budget.

Can I add new space or update the layout of my kitchen?

Of course you can – our expert cabinetmakers love to assist you with design ideas. They price up any options you require: add a breakfast-bar, a pull-out pantry or a bank of drawers. Why not enhance your kitchen with some self-closing mechanisms to your drawers? Talk to your polishing expert and let us work out the details for you.

Is it durable?

Very much! Our two-pac-paint is the highest quality finish for kitchens and cabinets. It withstands the elements of your kitchen or bathroom and the general wear and tear of everyday use. While other finishes – like your vinyl wrap are suffering after five to eight years, your painted kitchen will stand the test of time.

How long does it take to re-finish my kitchen?

We take no more than three weeks from start to finish. This includes the pick –up at your location as well as the delivery back to your home.

Contact us, upload your photos, and let’s discuss your options.

A Guide To Finding The Right Polisher – The Top Five Questions To Ask

A guide to finding the right polisher – the top five questions to ask

Finding the best polisher might seem like a simple task at first glance, but especially in post boom times you will find significant quality differences on the market.

The bottom range of the trade will be easily spotted and avoided – however the difference between the industry leaders and the average polisher lies in the detail and ranges from hidden charges to poor workmanship – often enough for the same price. This is just a general guide to help you choose the right polisher for your finishing needs.

1) Does the square meter rate include undercoating?

Square meter prices range from $80 to $100 for a simple satin finish. Prices for gloss and buffed doors are well above that. You might not go for the cheapest option. Everyone knows the old adage: ‘You get what you pay for.’ Well good quality work has its price. At Dianella Polishing undercoating is included in all our finishes. A high end French polisher will always undercoat the substrate and sand it back before he starts the actual painting process.


The paint suppliers data sheet – if you don’t follow the instructions – you’re in for the damage. Which can be $100.000’s

“If you don’t undercoat the paint may de-laminate down the track.”  You simply can’t skip this process to save money.

“Every paint supplier will tell you to undercoat. It creates a barrier and prevents imperfections”, says Dianella Polishing Production Manager Tim O’Brien.

So next time you see a price list or an attractive square meter price, make sure to ask if the undercoat is included.

2) If the answer is yes, ask them to clarify whether the face of the doors is undercoated as well?

Well you might have yawned at the first paragraph and thought ‘of course they undercoat – it would be obvious in the finish if not’. Well believe it or not, it is quite common for ordinary polishers to only undercoat the edges of the substrate. Ask your polisher if he does actually undercoat the face of the door. Or check it yourself when you next see their undercoat booth.  Are the doors stacked above each other for painting? Well it is quite likely that only the edges get prepared.

“Paint manufacturers won’t warrant the coating and if something goes wrong you, the cabinet maker, is in for big bucks”, warns Tim O’Brien not to accept these short-cuts.

3) And again, is the complete undercoating included in the square meter price?

At Dianella Polishing we believe that quality and trust are the basis for every working relationship. This is why we avoid hidden charges and add-ons. This is the reason why we are reluctant to give out simple square meter prices without knowing the job. If we quote a job, then that is the price. No hidden charges, no bad surprises. No games.

When choosing your polisher make sure you know the final pricing of the job. So if you find yourself frequently becoming frustrated during the final invoicing process, double check if your contractor is the perfect choice for you.

4) Do you have a showroom that allows customers to check finishes?

It is about trust and confidence. A showroom allows your clients to get to know their polisher and to feel and touch the finishes. Not only do you want your customers to understand the options but you want them to be comfortable with their final choice.

5) Finally you want to ask your polisher: What is your guaranteed turnaround time?

Timeframes vary greatly. In the industry you’ll get anything from five days to a couple of months. The importance is not only what timeframe works for you, but that you can rely on it. You wouldn’t want to have to tell your clients that it takes another couple of weeks because you are waiting for a contractor, would you? As a French Polisher with decades of experience we guarantee no polisher is turning away business. The question is what happens if that large job comes in. Will your work be put on hold? The average size polisher often has no other chance than to put a non-urgent job on hold to squeeze those biggies in.

“At Dianella Polishing we are lucky to be able to manage multiple projects at once without having to delay any of them”, says Tim O’Brien.

Tim explains that it all comes down to size and staffing. “With our large modern workshop we are leading the field in Western Australia. That allows us to be flexible and reliable.”

As we all know ‘time is money’, so make sure your polisher has the capacity it takes to adhere to deadlines without compromising quality.

Asking the right questions is key to an informed decision. We laid out the dots for you to connect, and hope that next time you see a pricelist or check a square meter price, you will know how to make sure that your polisher is the best choice for your needs and offers not only an attractive quote, but the best final price and finish.

You know the adage: “You get what you pay for.” Make sure you actually do.


The risk for de-lamination of the paint increases significantly if the undercoat is missing.


Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Trigg Beach House Kitchen Facelift Saved Thousands of Dollars

Whether you’re looking for a kitchen that is on trend or timeless, a professional contractor can transform your dated kitchen and turn it into a modern gourmet space. Don’t toss out the good with the bad, at Dianella Polishing we thrive to work with your existing structure, giving your kitchen a very affordable, cost effective new look.

When Merilyn Elson was tired of her thermo foil coating peeling off her kitchen cupboards, she called around to get a quote for getting her cupboard doors repainted. That’s when Dianella Polishing came on the scene.

A whole new look pulled off with a simple re-paint

Our Kitchen Renovation Expert, Trevor Skeels went out to meet with Merilyn and her husband at their Trigg beach house. The lovely couple were concerned they’d have to pay for a whole new kitchen, when they showed Trevor the problem. Their kitchen was well appointed and besides the vinyl peeling from the doors, it was in great condition.

Trevor advised the couple to leave the structure of the kitchen untouched. The kitchen was nicely designed, offered plenty of cupboard space and a great layout. Instead of a full kitchen makeover, our consultant pulled off a whole new look with a simple re-paint of the panels.

Impressive straight forward and honest approach

The Trigg couple was very impressed with Trevor’s straight forward honest approach. With precise and clear instructions, Trevor ensured that Merilyn’s husband was confident to do all the prep work himself.

The more you do yourself, the cheaper it gets

“That is the first thing I tell all clients, the more you do you do yourselves, the cheaper it gets.” First thing I do tell clients – the more we involve you the cheaper it gets”, says Trevor.

“It takes about five minutes for me to explain them how to take the door off. It is not difficult to do  at all.”

Merilyn’s hubby did it all, saving the couple thousands of dollars.

The fresh white paint lifted the kitchen and gave it a brand-new modern feel. Even the stylish stainless steel door handles could be kept and integrated into new look. Add a new light grey stone benchtop and be amazed how the light flows through the space.

Dianella Polishing exceeded expectations

All in all, Dianella Polishing saved the Elson’s thousands of dollars and exceeded their expectations. How about you? We are here to help you make your dream kitchen reality – even on a budget. Have you got questions? Want to learn more?

Click here to browse our website for more renovation tips, or follow this link to apply for a Dianella Polishing Consultant to come to your home and give you an obligation free quote.


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