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Vinyl Kitchen Cabinets: Peel Easier Than a Banana


Woman Peeling Banana

Everyone wants a kitchen they can be proud of; one to show off to friends and family. But when your vinyl kitchen cabinets start to peel, what should you do?

You’ve probably already watched the youtube video on how to glue those edges of your vinyl cabinet doors back on. You might have even tried it. When vinyl starts to peel it’s the edges that typically go first. You can glue, sand, and re-glue, but let’s face it, you are fighting the inevitable—they’re going to peel. Like a beautiful rose, your vinyl cabinets weren’t built to last.

Vinyl typically starts to peel in 5-7 years, sometimes sooner if it’s exposed to heat or poorly manufactured. Don’t feel like a victim—they were built to peel. And peel they will, but you have options.

So what are your options?

Warranty Replacement

If your cabinets are still covered under their warranty, give your cabinet maker a call to get them repaired. Even if your cabinet maker has gone out of business or sold the business, your cabinets

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To Call, or Not to Call – Professional Furniture Restoration



In your home, there are many projects that you can do yourself. DIY is a great way to save money. It also gives you the added pleasure of knowing you put in the time and effort to complete a project. However, there are some projects that should be left to the professionals, such as professional furniture restoration and cabinet refinishing.

Furniture Restoration

Furniture restoration may seem like it’s easy, but to do it right requires a lot of time and training. French polishing furniture, for example, takes technique and experience to do right. A bad finish can completely ruin a piece of furniture. If you care about your furniture, getting a professional to restore it will add to its life.

Cabinet Refinishing

Painting is one home update that homeowners like to do themselves. It’s fun (sometimes) and relatively easy to do. However, painting a wall is much different than painting or refinishing cabinets or other furniture restoration in your home.

Painting or refinishing cabinets can be time-consuming and tedious if you don’t know what you’re doing. Cabinets are

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White is the New Black


When considering what colour to paint your kitchen cabinets, there are many factors to consider. If one major concern is market appeal, the team at Dianella Polishing suggests going with a shade of white.

White, and even shades of white, create a clean and airy look in a kitchen.  When a kitchen is white, the space feels bigger. And in Australia, home buyers want this.

Cabinets in white are versatile and practical, appearing in retro, traditional, and even modern kitchens. White kitchens leave a blank slate for new home owners to let their imaginations run wild.

At Dianella Polishing, about 90% of the kitchen cabinets we paint are done in white and off-white. So if you are stuck debating between that shade of banana yellow and fuschia frenzy, might be best to stick with a simple, timeless white.