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Welcome, from everyone at Dianella Polishing, to our blog. Here we post more extensive information on some of our past, on-going and future projects, as well as share company news and highlights. Our regular posts will allow you to stay updated with our newest clients and styles as well as acting as a forum for any queries that you may have.

How to Polish Timber the Right Way

spray glow

There is endless advice online about how to polish your timber cabinets and furniture to maintain their shine. What that advice doesn’t take into consideration is the future of your furniture. Here is our tip how to polish timber the right way.

Store-bought Furniture Polish

As professional polishers, we constantly see timber furniture that has been repeatedly cleaned with silicone or wax based polishes, such as Mr. Sheen. These polishes are readily available at local stores. They are safe to use on your timber, but unwise if you ever plan to paint or refinish it in the future.


Store-bought furniture polishes cause silicone or wax buildup on timber. They create surfaces that must be stripped to be refinished. This adds another step in the refinishing process that could be avoided. To avoid this stubborn build-up, we recommend using a product called Spray Glow.

What is Spray Glow?

Spray Glow is a lightly perfumed, silicone free furniture polish which has been formulated to clean and protect both lacquered and unlacquered timber articles. Spray Glow is fully recoatable, surfaces do not have to be stripped back prior to recoating. Spray

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5 Common Home Renovation Mistakes

Couple in Beautiful KitchenPlanning a home renovation is an exciting, yet anxious time. You have big ideas and want everything to be perfect. Before going ahead with your newest project, be careful to avoid these 5 common home renovation mistakes.

1. Buying Cheap Material

When making improvements to your home, you want to make sure they stand the test of time. Inexpensive materials won’t be as durable, and you’ll likely have to make repairs or even replace sooner. 

Instead, look for quality materials at discounts. Sign-up for newsletters and emails from your local home improvement stores. Some home improvement stores will price match or even beat competitor’s prices. Being a savvy shopper will get you quality materials at a reasonable price.

2. Wrong Measurements

A couple of centimetres can make a big difference when planning your next renovation. You will save a lot of time and frustration by measuring right the first time. If you’re not sure you are measuring correctly, ask a professional.

3. Not Going Green

When making updates to your home, stay ahead of the game. Adding

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Painting Timber Kitchen Cabinets: Do-it-yourself or Professional’s Job?

Painting wooden door


You’ve seen them. Terribly painted timber kitchens–some turning that dreadful yellow colour, whilst others look like an afternoon art project gone wrong! You’ve silently cringed while promising to never subject your family and friends to the same horror.

Now, the time has come. You’re ready to revamp your timber kitchen cabinets, but you need to do it without breaking the bank. Painting your timber kitchen is the most cost-effective way to update, as long as it looks good when it’s finished. The big question is… should you paint it yourself or leave it to the professionals? Here are some ideas to consider before making your decision.

You’ve got the paint! You’ve read the DIY blogs! What could go wrong?

1. Hair.

It will stick the to paint before you even realise it’s there. Think of how quickly dust and pet hair accumulate in your house. It will collect on the newly painted surface before it has time to dry. Turning on an air conditioner and running a vacuum, circulates it even more in your home. That’s precisely

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The Trifecta of a New Painted Kitchen

Crossroads sign with solutionYou’ve had it–you’re ripping out your old kitchen and starting over. After countless hours considering your options and leafing through home design magazines you’ve decided you want a new painted kitchen. Now that you’ve decided on what you want, here are tips on how to get it without the headaches.

When building a new painted kitchen there is a trifecta for success: a knowledgeable cabinet maker, a quality manufacturer, and an experienced polisher. If any one of these key players fails to produce quality services or products, the others can’t complete their jobs successfully.

Take This Example:

A cabinet maker plans and designs a kitchen but buys low quality medium-density fibreboard (MDF) panels that are not moisture resistant. Even if the cabinet maker cuts them well, they won’t be smooth and they’ll require more coats of paint, costing more money in the end. Also, the panels will easily sustain water damage causing the homeowner to replace them sooner. In the end, it doesn’t matter how well the kitchen was designed

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Gloss Levels: Which is Right for Your Project?

Choosing Gloss and Paint


Gloss levels

You’ve decided you are ready to repaint those kitchen cabinets or the front door. When it comes to deciding on colour, you also must decide on gloss level. Here’s a guide to help you figure out which gloss level is right for your project.

Manufacturers use different words to describe different gloss levels. Here at Dianella Polishing, we use this scale:

Matt (10%)

Satin (30%)

Semi-Gloss (60%)

Gloss (100%)

In order to minimize confusion, refer to the percentage, e.g. 10%, instead of the name of the gloss level when placing orders with different manufacturers.


Uses: Although Matt is the least shiny level of all gloss levels, it shows fingerprints the easiest. It is most commonly used on ceilings and walls. It’s best for surfaces with many imperfections. Since Matt doesn’t reflect light, it is also ideal for home theatres.

Care: Matt is a great finish because it can generally be touched up without having to repaint the entire surface. However, it is hard to clean.


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