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Sell your property successfully this spring

Key factors to sell your house successfully

Spring and summer are the time to put your house on the market. However most of WA is still a buyer’s market. As a result you need to tick all the boxes to sell your property successfully this spring. Therefore if you want to know what you can do to make your property stand out and attract the best price, read on.

Put the buyers specs on

Some houses just achieve better sales while seemingly similar houses stay on the market. Of course, you wonder what makes the difference. It is often the little things that make or break the deal. For example a fresh, clean and well maintained property easily achieves a few thousand dollars more than the equally sized house next door. It is, however, hard to see your own home through buyer’s eyes. Consequently you are better off to ask a friend or relative instead for an inspection if  you want to sell your property successfully – but make sure not to kill the messenger.


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How To Update Your Kitchen Benchtop

How To Update Your Kitchen Benchtop

Replacing the kitchen benchtop can make a dramatic difference to the look of your kitchen. The kitchen benchtop is always visible and thus one of the most recognisable features. Choosing the right material is key for both your budget and your kitchen design. To help you with one of the biggest decisions of your kitchen renovation, we created this easy overview of materials and their stand-out features.


Timber is a very versatile material that is available in almost every shape and size. If you want a cozy live-in kitchen a kitchen benchtop made out of timber is your first choice. Timber has this warm feel to it and as a natural material – it has just become super trendy again. Due to its nature and the way it can absorb moisture, timber can be quite prone to stains and scratching. It is, however, relatively easy to maintain, requiring a bit of sanding and resealing every so often.


Laminate has been the benchtop material of choice for the past decades. It owes its popularity to an incredibly low price. Laminate kitchen benchtops – often known under the brand names of Polytec and

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Kitchen Facelift ABC – S like Soft Close Drawers

Soft close drawers

The soft close mechanism can be installed on drawers and cabinets throughout your home. However the kitchen is probably the area that most often gets upgraded. The reason is that the kitchen gets used most of all rooms. Cabinet doors and drawers experience high usage too.

What are soft close drawers

Soft close drawers, or more precisely the soft closing mechanism added to drawers, acts like a shock absorber to drawers and cabinet doors. So even when they get slammed shut, they close silently and smoothly. The soft close mechanism takes over before the door or drawer is completely shut and softly closes it without the bang. It is a little feature installed inside the drawers and cabinets. Because of its many advantages it has become increasingly popular.

Advantages of soft close drawers

The main advantage of soft close drawers and soft close doors is the reduced noise. The doors and drawers are not slammed anymore. Even if you try hard, or the wind gets

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