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Rather than wasting time and money trying to fix your peeling vinyl doors yourself, give us a call straight away. Our experienced kitchen consultants will meet you in your home and work together with you on finding the best solution for you to make your cabinets look new again.

A freshly painted kitchen will look like new and last forever.


Are you on a tight budget? Are your preparing to sell your old charmer?  Or would you simply like your kitchen to look a bit more modern and less like a seventies eyesore?

The secret to an inexpensive kitchen facelift is to use your existing bits and bobs. Don’t just throw out the whole old cabinetry – keep what’s in good nick, toss out what’s not and improve the rest.

Read on and find 5 easy ways to get that designer look for under $3000!

  • Transform your dated kitchen cabinets through spray-painting it professionally

Cabinets are the heart of every kitchen. And the most expensive part as well. Luckily you won’t need to break the bank to get rid of this peeling vinyl pantry, the wanna-be-marble formica fronts or the old oak drawers. You can completely transform your kitchen by re-spraying the cupboards. Revamp your ugly cabinets with a fresh layer of crisp white paint and you won’t recognise it anymore. If done professionally by a specialised workshop, you’ll be amazed of your like new kitchen.

  • Shop around to get a stone benchtop from $300/m2

You have been eyeing out the new benchtop for months, years?  You should have it! When it comes to kitchen renovations the benchtops are one of the biggest decisions – and one of the most recognisable features. A stone countertop has become way more affordable in recent years. If you shop around you’ll easily find suppliers that offer engineered stone for as little as $300 per square meter for standard colours. Made using natural ingredients, engineered stone is not only an affordable option but also a very hardy and durable investment in your dream kitchen.

  • Hardware – get a high-end look for a low-budget price

When replacing your old door knobs and handles – find your style first and then beat the brand on price. Yes they do say- you get what you pay for – but seriously a stainless steel handle is a stainless steel handle and you can’t go wrong with the no-name price-line. New hardware is a very easy way of giving your old kitchen new glory for next to nothing in cost.

  • Bright and sparkling – complete the look of your kitchen with new lights

Energy saving LED’s, hidden worktop lighting, industrial pendants or ambient wall features: Plan your lighting and choose a style that matches your kitchen. The kitchen is a versatile space and the lighting should not only allow for the different uses of the area but also complement these. Under-cupboard lighting is the best solution for task lighting as it does not over shadow the workspace and is well hidden. Make it dimmable and you have instant ambience when entertaining in the evening. Pendants over the benchtop add drama to the scene and open up the space. Of course remember to use an electrician to change the lights for you,  as it’s illegal to do it yourself.

Declutter, declutter, declutter – if you want the new sleek design there is no easier, no cheaper way to get it then to declutter your counters. Organise fresh fruits and veggies in one neat basket that matches your kitchen style. Get rid of all the chargers and wires by creating a dedicated charging station and arrange your utensils and spices in a wall rack or hidden drawer. Manage your space and start with those gadgets you don’t need. Truth told: If you don’t use it on a daily or weekly basis – put it in the cupboard or the walk in pantry. You’ll be amazed how different your kitchen looks once you got rid of all the miscellaneous items.

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A Flat Pack Kitchen Turns Out To Be A Costly Option

Flat Pack Kitchen Disaster

Getting frustrated putting together your self assembly furniture

A Flat Pack Kitchen Turns Out To Be A Costly Option

Kitchens are the most important room in your house. Updating your kitchen can increase your property sale price – a lot. Unfortunately kitchens are also the most expensive rooms to renovate. So, many people are looking into flat pack kitchens as a way to save money. What they often don’t realise is that a flat pack kitchen turns out to be a costly option.

  • Decreased value of your property

    When a Flat Pack Kitchen turns out to be costly

    Flatpack Kitchen –
    Remodel Disaster

A major disadvantage of a flat pack kitchen is the lower re-sale value of your property. It can easily decrease your property value by $30,000 or $40,000. How is that? As a flat pack kitchen does not follow the glue and screw method of rigid kitchens, it is less sturdy. A custom built kitchen is more durable, perfectly fitted to your space and hence the most valuable option. Every Real Estate Agent spots a flat pack kitchen straight away – and will adjust the sale price – accordingly.

  • Unexpected costs of professional installers

The unexpected expense of professional installers mostly bursts your budget. Property owners, who aren’t experienced with engineering, find a flat pack kitchen more of a challenge than they expected. An Allen key, a cordless drill and a few cabinets don’t make a kitchen.

It easily takes four weeks for a complete kitchen to be unpacked and assembled. DIY kitchens are loaded with manuals which one has to follow to the letter. Beware if you are getting impatient or lose interest. If you don’t follow the instruction manual precisely it will lead to damages and an unsightly if not unstable structure, which often results in a cabinetmaker or at least a professional handyman being called to help.

  • Plumbing costs

    How to Avoid Getting Burned By Kitchen Remodels

    How to Avoid Getting Burned by Kitchen Remodels

Additional costs: Once you tear out your old kitchen, you by law will need the tradies to come in. You can’t just install the sink, hook up the plumbing and re-connect the stove. Plumbing can only be done by a licensed plumber, so you’ll need some help with this. The same goes for the stove and oven. By law, you need a license to do electrical work or gas fitting.

If you are lucky they only need to reconnect the new appliances. More often though the flat pack kitchen does not fit in the same way as the custom built kitchen, so that the plumber may have to actually cut open the wall and re-do the piping.

  • Benchtop refitting
    To install a benchtop is harder than it looks, because walls are rarely flat or square. Stone benchtops require accurate cutting and special tools and really should be done by a professional to avoid costly mistakes.

So instead of paying 4 or 5 separate bills on top of your flat back kitchen and being shell shocked at the end by how much you went over budget for a cheap flat pack kitchen – double check if it’s worth it.

In most cases a kitchen makeover is the smarter strategy. With a facelift you can make your dated but structurally sound kitchen look like new in no time. Add a couple of modernising tricks and you‘ll get a fresh, modern kitchen for a fraction of the money.

How long does a facelift take?

We take no more than three weeks from start to finish. This includes the pick–up at your location as well as the delivery back to your home.

Do you have any other questions? Please fell free to comment below.

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Why You Cannot Repair Peeling Vinyl

Why You Cannot Repair Peeling Vinyl

Vinyl cabinets are the cheapest option for new kitchen cabinets on the market. They do look great when you first get them. Or more precisely, they do look great until the vinyl begins to peel. At that point, usually after 5-6 years they become an eyesore. You want to fix those vinyl cabinets? You google Peeling Vinyl, you YouTube Peeling Kitchen Cabinets – and you’ll find all these DIY heroes that suggest a number of solutions. None of them seems particularly difficult and so you decide to give it a go! Why throw good money after bad? Read on to learn why you cannot repair peeling vinyl and why

Wood glue is not solution to fix peeling vinyl

How to fix peeling vinyl

none of the common 3 options work.

Option 1 – Glue Back Small Peeling Vinyl Corners

You might just have small sections of veneer coming off your kitchen cabinets. You think you could fix them with glue. You would have to very carefully peel off enough of the vinyl to get to the underneath board. Then apply some wood glue to the board under the vinyl with a thin brush. To finish it off you would need to press the vinyl back on the cabinet and fix it in position until the glue has dried. What is the problem?

1) You most likely get cracks in the vinyl.

2) The vinyl does not stick.

3) Most importantly, by the time you have glued those few corners back on, the next doors and drawer fronts are already starting to peel. It’s simple really, once one vinyl door starts peeling, the others will follow. Really if the industrial glue that the manufacturer used doesn’t last, how long will your Bunnings DIY wood glue keep those doors together?

Option 2 – Cut Open and Re-glue Peeling Vinyl Bubbles

You can remove bubbles frokm peeling vinyl but it will look shocking.

How to remove bubbles from vinyl wrapped kitchen doors

If you have bubbles popping up underneath your vinyl wrap, you might consider fixing this by cutting these open and then applying small amounts of wood glue underneath to fix the material back to the underlying board. In order to have the piece of vinyl stay flat on the surface, you’d put a weight on top of it whilst drying. Surely, this will eliminate those bubbles. But what shall we say: how do you think your kitchen cabinets will look after that DIY surgery?

Option 3 – Larger Repairs

WHY YOU CAN NOT REPAIR peeling vinyl cabinets

Option 3 – Larger Repairs

Vinyl cabinets that are in a seriously bad shape will require larger repairs. In order to successfully glue back down bigger pieces of vinyl, boards and C clamps are needed to keep the pressure on the vinyl wrap while the wood glue is drying. Obviously you’ll face the same problems as if gluing back small sections of peeling vinyl, just on a bigger scale.



Most importantly though; your attempted repairs will be costly in the long run. Once you have tried to glue back vinyl, we cannot fix your doors easily any more. In most cases you will require a cabinetmaker to produce brand-new doors.

Rather than wasting time and money trying to fix your peeling vinyl doors yourself, give us a call straight away.

Our experienced kitchen consultants will meet you in your home and work together with you on finding the best solution for you to make your cabinets look new again.

Rather than wasting time and money trying to fix your peeling vinyl doors yourself, give us a call straight away.  Our experienced kitchen consultants will meet you in your home and work together with you on finding the best solution for you to make your cabinets look new again.

A freshly painted kitchen will look like new and last forever.